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A penitent returns

Posted in Uncategorized with tags , , , , , , , , on October 10, 2010 by Esther Sherman

Oh dear, I’ve been neglectful for the summer.

The culprit? Me and my slackness, mainly, but also:

Tattoo: big octopus on hip, 6.5 hours of, so far, 1.5ish to go. Chris at Into You tattoo has done a great job, it’s sinuous, suckered and sensational.  Tasteful (ie non-nude, yo!) photos to follow in November, once it’s finished.

FrightFest: 20 horror films over 4.5 days at the Empire in  London at the end of August.  Nothing totally blew me away but my highlights were Amer, Primal, The Dead, Monsters, Dream Home and Bedevilled. I had so much fun I’m doing it again on Halloween at the FrightFest allnighter, 7 films between 6pm and 8am!

British Fantasy Society FantasyCon: the first time I have attended this annual celebration of horror, scifi and fantasy literature. An exhausting, but thoroughly enjoyable event, I can away laden down with many free books, a lengthy reading list, many lovely new friends and a long-coveted Ame-Comi Wonder Woman figure.



I was also thrilled the find out that one of my favourite books, Richard Calder’s Dead Girls is being transformed into graphic format within the magazine Murky Depths.  Also, watch this space, as FantasyCon 2011 will be in Brighton and there’s no chance I’ll let the opportunity pass to stage a genre-themed burlesque night… The Barbarian Queen will ride again!

The usual suspects: work (promotion and two new staff), TV (The Hills may have finished, but Jersey Shore and The City continue, alas), games (Phoenix Wright, Miles Edgeworth and Picross 3D) and last but not least, books (recently, more of The Hunger Games, exploits of Locke Lamora and tales from Bas-Lag), continue to steal my time.

So.  Three promises to myself – to write more here, to get back to my short stories (I have four on the backburner to put some more heat under – changeling as foreign exchange student, how Damien’s nanny came to that point, a Guardian-reading village’s ‘healing dance therapist’ meddling with evil forces and the old power behind a modern financial services company) and to start skating again. A few of my friends have taken up roller derby and I can’t resist getting back on my wheels.  A bit like this…

And, as it’s now autumn, and so we must be ‘snug in leather trenchcoats, braving braver skies’, here’s the late Billy MacKenzie with my favourite Associates song: