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Hellbound Hearts, White-haired Stunt Riders and Giant Eyes

Posted in Uncategorized with tags , , , , , , , , , , , , on June 13, 2010 by Esther Sherman

Well, that was a long break from the blog.  I’ve been very busy with work, as we’re taking on two trainee underwriters for my department, so it’s been quite a steep learning curve for me, as I’ve never been involved in recruitment before, except as a recruitee.  I have to say it’s much easier on the other side of the table, and I’ve rather enjoyed it so far.  It has really made me think about the qualities a good underwriter should possess, and I’m interested to see whether the the test I’ve cooked up for the second stage reveals these.

Aside from all this work-related distraction, I’ve been watching Farscape again and have just finished season one.  It has been nice to start again from the beginning, and it surprised me how much of the first season I missed the first time around.  The puppetry and makeup fx still stands up very well, and has dated a lot less than CGI used in similar programmes from the same time, and after the seriousness of BSG, it’s fun to watch sci fi which incorporates so much humour.  Also, Scorpius is one of the all-time best sci fi villains ever.

I’ve been reading as well, instead of writing, and made my way through ‘Looking for Jake and Other Stories’, China Mieville’s collection, which had a few absolute gems and only a couple of duds.  I’m now about halfway through ‘Hellbound Hearts’, a collection of stories inspired by Clive Barker’s Hellraiser ‘mythos’, which we’ve had sitting on the shelves for a while.  The BFS Awards nomination for Sarah Pinborough’s ‘The Confessor’s Tale’, included in that volume, was what prompted me to start it, and so far it has been a lot of fun, particularly SP’s, Tim Lebbon’s and Kelley Armstrong’s entries, thankfully not too Pinhead-centric, although a couple have followed the predictable ‘person does bad things, gets taken by The Box’ plotline. While not wishing to single anyone out for criticism, Mick Garris’s ‘Hellbound Hollywood’ was, um, interesting in a ‘Bad Sex Awards’ way, and possibly could have used more rigorous editing (I’m not sure that the past tense of ‘bode’  as in ‘bode well’ is ‘bade’). We’ll see what the second half brings, but so far, greatly recommended.

Finally, a plea for help! I’m trying to track down a horror comic which I read in the early 80s, which imprinted myself in my mind as the first story I read with Lovecraftian themes, although I don’t believe it stated its influences explicitly.  It was most likely a DC title, could have been The Witching Hour or Unexpected.  The story concerned a white-haired stunt motorcyclist, who ‘knew no fear’ and performed in a carnival in ‘wall of death’-type shows. A female stunt rider is attracted to him, and when they marry, he takes her back to his ancestral home to explain the cause of his white hair and fearlessness.  He explains, as they go down to the basement, that he inherited this house, and on exploring the basement, discovered part of some vast amorphous being down there, with ONE GIANT EYE!  His hair went white from the shock, as does hers on seeing this also, and thereafter they perform together in his act. I think that possibly the eye was closed, and there was the terror that one day it would awaken, open the eye and try to TAKE OVER THE WORLD!  Anyway, if anyone else has read this or knows more about it I’d love to know more…